Manticore Arms Triangle Stock With Stormwerkz Hinge

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Manticore Arms Triangle Stock Stormwerkz Hinge


This triangle stock comes with the Stormwerkz hinge assembly and the overall LOP is 12.25". Easily adapts to any AK, even a Yugo PAP pistol by simply drilling and tapping two 10-32 holes in the rear trunnion (make sure your pistol is registered as an SBR before doing this.) With the hinge installed, the stock will have the exact length of a true Russian or Bulgarian sidefolder stock. The rear of the stock has a machined rib pattern to give a good grip on the shoulder. The hinge allows the stock to be configured to fold left or right. Made of 6061 aluminum that is bead blasted and hard coat anodizied. The stock weighs 15 ounces. MADE IN THE U.S.A.