Magpul Yugo Zhukov-S Stock

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Magpul Yugo Zhukov-S Stock

* Mounts to most stamped receiver Yugoslavian Zastava M70 pattern rifles (fixed stock recessed trunnion)
* Five position length of pull and solid "fixed stock" lockup
* Unobtrusive, anti-snag adjustment lever
* High strength, wear compensating lock mechanism allows the stock to fold to the right
* Positive detents in the stowed position prevent movement
* Rifle may be charged and fired while the stock is folded (without cheek risers installed)
* Optional snap on AK cheek risers for use with optics
* Rubber butt-pad provides an anti-slip surface
* Rollover on the toe for easier shoulder transitions
* Front sling mount: left-side rotation limited mount, accepts push button QD swivels
* Rear sling mount: accepts push button QD swivels
* Bottom sling mount: 1.25" sling loop
* Collapsed length of pull: 12.2"
* Extended length of pull: 14.8"
* Weighs 15 ounces
* 922r compliant part

NOTE: Will NOT fit standard AK/AKM pattern rifles or Yugo rifles with underfolder stocks. Minor fitting may be required.