AK Master Mount Steel Side Rail

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AK Master Mount Steel Side Rail

* Fits milled and stamped AK receivers that utilize standard axis pins
* For home builds, MAK90 and other Chinese models, Arsenal SA 93/SLR 95, Century Arms C39/C39V2, Yugoslavian PAPs, Hungarian AMD-63/AMD-65, Egyptian Maadi, Polytech AKS, Mini Draco, Vepr 12
* Eliminates the need to drill and rivet
* Centralized dovetail cut-out for SVD style optic mounts
* No longer requires the use of a shepherds hook
* Heat treated, hardened steel proprietary mounting pins
* GEN 2 steel side rail with "blacked-out" logo
* Black-T coating provides superior rust and corrosion resistance

NOTE: May interfere with the use of a tight Krebs Custom safety lever.

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